How to Create new MAPI Profile in the Blackberry Enterprise server.

This post also resolving for some issues related with message routing like BB Devices cannot query the address list lookup, and cannot send or receiving email message.


First: you will need to stop the following services one by one after that stop all other blackberry services in this console.


Second: If you have any corrupted MAPI profile you will need to remove it first from the following path in “Regedit”


Important: you need to export a backup from this profile before deleting it.

Then go to start—- All Programs then open the Blackberry Server Configuration, choose Blackberry Server Tab.


After that Click on Edit MAPI Profile.


Now in Microsoft Exchange server field type your CAS server FQDN or the FQDN for your CAS Array if you have a CAS Array, also in the Mailbox field fill it with the name of the BES Mailbox then make Check Name, if your data is correct it will path.

Now start all Blackberry services first Router, Dispatcher, and Controller then start all other BB services.