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WARNING: Get-CsCertificate encountered errors.

Are you facing this noise warning while you check your Lync certificate by “ Get-CsCertificate | fl –property * ”

WARNING: Get-CsCertificate encountered errors. Consult the log file for detailed analysis, and ensure all errors (1) and warnings (0) are addressed before continuing.

Capture2 (2)

you feel like Angry smile

Don’t worry my friend you can simply resolve it as the following:

1- Open your Lync server 2010 – Deployment wizard.

2- Choose Install or update Lync server system.

3- Choose Step3: Request, Install or Assign Certificates.

Capture3 (2)

4- Then Run Again or Run.

5- Choose the Certificate that have the issue it must be in none status.

Capture5 (3)

6- Then Click Assign and the choose the related certificate after next.

Capture4 (2)

7- Then Next and Done.Winking smile

Now try again to check the certificate by using the following command (Get-CsCertificate | fl –property *) from Lync powershell.

Capture6 (2)

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