Upgrade Cisco Iron-Port C360.

Today I will explain how to upgrade your Cisco IronPort appliance to the latest OS version without any interruption in your mail flow.

P.S our license model her is Active/Active nodes as we have two appliances working in the cluster, the same steps also work with Active/Passive model.

1. login to your appliance GUI interface or CLI interface to review the current OS version and what available version for your appliance,  you will need the following URL to review the available version for your appliance.

7-5-2014 8-54-09 AM

2.Backup the configuration.

7-13-2014 1-52-37 PM

3. disconnect the node that  you will going to upgrade it from the cluster, you need to proceed that through CLI commands as the following after login into the appliance through Putty or CMD.

7-13-2014 1-59-08 PM

7-13-2014 2-02-51 PM

4. suspend your listener to avoid any new connection through this node.

7-13-2014 2-11-33 PM

5. return back to GUI to start the upgrade process.

7-5-2014 8-54-43 AM

 7-5-2014 8-55-15 AM   

7-5-2014 8-57-52 AM

Finally after the process finished and get the last OS version resume the listeners by the following command.

7-13-2014 2-12-51 PM

And then go to upgrade the second node by the same sequence…. after finished reconnect the nodes to the cluster.



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